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Software development powerfully simplified



  • All versions: Command line versions available in most environments
  • FortranLint GUI provides point-and-click analysis controls and links with your favorite code editor!
  • Xlint GUI provides source browsing and menu access to all operations
  • NEW Flint6 message formatting allows integration with IDEs!

Supported Languages

  • Fortran 66
  • Fortran 77
  • Fortran 90
  • Fortran 95
  • NEW Fortran 2003 (non o-o)

Accepted extensions

  • D.O.D Mil-Std 1753
  • VAX/VMS Fortran compilers
  • Cray Fortran compiler
  • Microsoft Fortran compiler
  • Lahey Fortran compiler



  • DOS, Win32 Command Line
  • Windows 9x
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • NEW Windows 8


  • AIX: 3.X to 7.X on IBM RS/6000 based systems
  • CRAY: Unicos on Cray YMP, C90, J90 systems
  • Tru64 / DecUnix: Compaq/Digital
  • HPUX: HP/UX 11.X on Itanium systems
  • HPUX: HP/UX 9.X to 11.X on HP 9000 /700 and /800 systems
  • SGI: IRIX 5.X and 6.X on SGI systems
  • Sun: Solaris 2.X to 8.X (SunOS 5.X) systems
  • NEW Solaris 11/x86
  • Sun: Solaris 1.X (SunOS 4.X) systems
  • VMS: OpenVMS 5.X to 7.X on VAX and Alpha systems
  • NEW OS/X: Tiger on PPC
  • NEW OS/X: Snow Leopard on x86
  • NEW FreeBSD 9


  • Linux: x86, x86-64 systems
    Tested distros: RHEL/CentOS 5/6 (64-bit), Fedora, Redhat 9, SUSE, Debian
  • Linux: Cray CNL (Compute Node Linux) front-end processors
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