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Source Code Analysis White Papers

FortranLint usability study [New]

Timothy Kaiser, Ph.D. Computer Science

Discuss helpful features and the overall user experience of FortranLint on a medium-scale software project. Provides a guided tour to the FortranLint testing environment and discovers how it helps programmers find bugs and portability issues hidden inside Fortran sources.

A "LINT" for Fortran Programs

Reg Clemens, Ph.D. Physics

Overview, competitive comparison, and test of Cleanscape FortranLint. Conclusion: "I would recommend Cleanscape FortranLint to anyone involved with large Fortran codes, be they their own, or something that they have inherited and now need to understand and debug/modify."

Killing bugs before they kill your software organization

Brent Duncan, Cleanscape Director, MA Management

Learn the most effective techniques, tools, and tactics for eliminating software problems early in the development process -- before they threaten project and organizational viability.

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