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Software development powerfully simplified

Cleanscape FortranLint Key Features

[NEW] GUI (tutorial)

  • Intuitive, easy to learn and use
  • Point-and-click control
  • Link reports to source code via your favorite code editor
  • Same GUI for all our analyzers - eliminates learning curve
  • Same interface across platforms provides process consistency, quicker ROI

Identifies common Fortran coding problems

  • Syntax
  • Subprogram interface
  • Variable usage
  • Portability
  • Common block declarations inconsistencies
  • Implicitly typed variables
  • Unused variables and functions
  • Questionable and wasteful code
  • Obsolete FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN 90 code

Detects Fortran bugs and other Fortran problems that a compiler can't catch

  • Inappropriate arguments passed to functions
  • Inconsistencies in common block declarations
  • Portability problems, like non-portable code
  • Type usage conflicts across different subprograms/program units
  • Unused functions, subroutines, variables
  • Variables that are referenced but not set
  • Dead code
  • Subprogram interface problems
  • Variable usage problems
  • Common block declarations inconsistencies problem
  • Implicitly typed variables
  • Questionable and wasteful code
  • Obsolete FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN 90 code
  • Accepts different FORTRAN source file formats
  • Provides a global view to pinpoint areas warranting human programmer judgment

Facilitates easy identification and eradication of problems in Fortran code

  • Generates call trees
  • Produces function call tree to represents the structure of any FORTRAN program
  • Produces a symbol cross-reference table with detailed information about all global symbols
  • Isolates obscure problems
  • Identifies problems before debugging begin
  • Maps out unfamiliar programs
  • Provides a global view to pinpoint areas warranting human programmer judgment
  • Produces internet-ready HTML reports

Provides powerfully flexible cross-platform pre-compile Fortran analysis capabilities

  • Runs under UNIX, Windows 98->Win7 and Linux
  • Fully compatible with native FORTRAN code
  • Analyzes source files individually or as a group
  • Accepts different FORTRAN source file formats
  • 30 different command line options
  • Customize analysis through the use of special environment variables
  • Configuration file combine multiple command line options
  • Invokes C preprocessor on each source file to perform conditional compilation (UNIX only)
  • DBMS support through FDML statements (VMS only)

[NEW] Open MP Support

  • Assists programmers parallelizing existing serial code
  • Heuristic companion to compiler OpenMP Syntax Checks
  • Extends cross-reference to easily and quickly identify variable:
    • Usage: set/reference info. identified for each parallel region
    • Attributes: Private/Shared
  • Identifies Potential OpenMP hazards:
    • Race Conditions
    • Deadlock
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