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Cleanscape C++lint

Advanced static source code analysis tool for C/C++

Cleanscape C++lint is a static source code analyzer for C and C++ that automatically identifies problems at their source, prior to compiling or executing.  From its first use, this tool can save you hours and hours of tedious debugging, and greatly reduce the resources required for testing – both development and integration.  Cleanscape C++lint includes a full PC-Lint/Flexelint license with serial number!

Cleanscape C++lint provides ease-of-use enhancements to world-class PC-lint™/Flexelint™ static source analyzer by Gimpel Software:

    Stop problems at their source: currently performs 1126 C/C++ code checks that compilers can’t catch

    Supports 116 compilers, including Microsoft, gnu, most flavors of Unix, and many (many) embedded targets

    Dataflow analysis for deeper checking

    Explicit MISRA-C (up to 2012) and Scott Myers modes, new Barr Group

    Three distinct user interfaces provide you flexibility:

       Easy-to-use GUI provides easy point-and-click control of powerful analysis and uses your favorite code editor

       Deep IDE integration for simple & convenient operation, automated by Cleanscape

       Command line with return codes for scripts or builds

    NEW Cleanscape-exclusive capabilities:

       Import IDE settings (e.g., filelist, excluded files, defines) to GUI; quickly configure analysis options via GUI to automatically use in IDE

       Inheritance tree

       Include tree

       Stack usage and statistics reports

       Automated compiler data extraction to easily configure for new compilers or customize gcc/g++ operation

Cleanscape C++lint Static Source Code Analyzer for C and C++

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Prebuilt and available on

·      Windows (32/64-bit)

·      Linux (32/64-bit)

·      Solaris (incl. x86)

·      HPUX (incl. Itanium)

·      AIX

·      Irix

·      And now Mac!


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