New Cleanscape Startup Consulting for C++lint



Let’s face it.  If you aren’t using static analysis right now and you’re serious about Cleanscape C++lint, the odds are that you are in a time crunch to find, diagnose, and fix a problem right now.  Be assured that, with over 1200 checks on C/C++ code and over two decades helping C/C++ users, the odds are great that C++lint will help.  And Cleanscape, with its three user interface modes, has added – and continues to add – numerous ease-of-use enhancements to get you up and running quickly.


Yet with those 1200 checks and 350+ pages of user documentation, it’s an undeniable fact that getting started with a static analyzer as rich as PC-lint® can be a harrowing process:

     What analyses do I choose?

     How do I “tell” the tool what compiler I’m using?  What defines need to be set?  Where my include files are?

     How do I narrow down the results and find the problem I’m looking for?

     Most of these results look like garbage; what’s going on?

     In short, how do I go from newbie to competent with a sophisticated tool that I just bought online?


Answer: startup consulting!  Let Cleanscape’s support experts help you navigate the complexities of getting started with PC-lint, set the environment correctly for your build, and explain the major settings that will get you the most relevant results in the least amount of time!


When you order C++lint and supply us (on your order form) with a phone number/ email address at which you can be contacted, within one business day Cleanscape support staff will be in contact to set up a day/time for the ½ hour session.  Or, once you’ve downloaded/ installed the product, call us at 800-944-LINT or email to schedule a time as soon as possible!  When scheduling the consulting, please supply the following information:

     Host platform OS and version (e.g., Windows XP Pro or SuSE 10.2)

     Development environment and version (e.g., Visual Studio 2005 or EasyEclipse 1.2.2)  – OR –

     Your favorite code editor that you plan to use with the Cleanscape GUI

     The nature of the problem you’re trying to find (e.g., uninitialized pointer, array out-of-bounds)

     Any other items unique/specific to your environment or program that you think would help


FAQ:  I’m a serious developer and I know what I’m doing.  Can I skip the consulting and save a few bucks?

An analogy by way of answer: If you go to a department store and buy a suit, it is usually the case that alterations are “free”.  More accurately, alterations are included in the cost of the suit.  If you don’t want to have the suit look great on you, or you are the 10% of humanity that clothes fit perfectly as-is off the rack, then you can by all means skip the alterations, but you still pay the same for the suit.


Time and again, Cleanscape has found that initial users are overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available, the intricacies of informing the tool about their program and its environment, and the flood of output results that can be presented.  In “clinical experiments” with the past several new customers, we offered ½ hour startup consulting sessions and in every instance, the new user went from feelings of dismay to being happy and confident in the tool and their ability to use it.  In the end we’ve decided that, no matter how many ease-of-use enhancements we add, how we simplify the documentation, or improve the out-of-box experience, there is simply no substitute (yet) for a live session to transfer knowledge into our customers’ capable hands.  Rather then becoming lint experts, they become proficient users of a new tool that can help solve their problem.