So, where's the eval copy?

Answer: You won't need one!

Why do we say this?
1. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by a 30-day no-risk return policy.
2. Cleanscape C++lint provides over 800 analyses at a low-risk price.
3. Both the Cleanscape GUI interface and the Gimpel PC-lint analysis engine are tried-and-true market successes.
4. If you'd like to see the Cleanscape GUI in action, you can always evaluate C++lint's predecessor, Lint-Plus.

Cleanscape C++lint provides ease-of-use enhancements to the rock-solid PC-lint static analyzer from Gimpel Software.
With three interface modes (GUI, Visual Studio integration, and command line), we hope one is perfect for you!
So why not get quick, easy, world-class static analysis results right now? Order Cleanscape C++lint today!