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Transition to "C"

Cleanscape XTC-1750A is the first "C" and assembly language tool-set for MIL-STD-1750A systems development. By allowing software engineers to transition from legacy programming languages to development in "C", Cleanscape XTC-1750A helps developers to more easily find resources and talent, boost team productivity, improve systems quality, and reduce development costs.


Cleanscape XTC-1750 Suite includes the following integrated tools for automating MIL-STD-1750A systems development:

  • CC50, a "C" compiler translates "C" code into assembly code
  • MACRO50, an assembler that translates assembly code into relocatable object files
  • RELOAD50, a linker that produces a downloadable-program image from relocatable object files or libraries.
  • EYE50, a source level-debugger for locating problems in single-address state and multi-state programs
  • Other included utilities help engineers to automatically convert code to various binary formats, and upload code to different target systems

Bundled source-code analyzer

In addition, XTC1750A now comes bundled with lint-Plus, a leading source-code analyzer that performs extensive pre-compile analysis and debugging on "C" code.


The standard version supports generic MIL-STD-1750A target systems, like Fairchild SBC. Versions for 1750A prototype systems, like Honeywell PDU, are available on request. XTC-1750 runs under Solaris and Linux operating systems. Other platforms provided on request.

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