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Software development powerfully simplified

XTC-1750A in action

  • Programs are written in "C" or assembly language on a UNIX or Linux host system, and executed or debugged on a MIL-STD-1750A target system.
  • Cleanscape LintPlus (an optional component) can be used to analyze "C" sources before compilation.
  • XTC-1750A Compiler (CC50) is used to translate "C" code into 1750A assembly code.
  • XTC-1750A Assembler (MACRO50) is used to translate assembly code into relocatable object files.
  • XTC-1750A Linker (RELOAD50) is used to translate object files and/or library files into program images. The resulting images can be burned to EPROM or downloaded to the target system.
  • To debug a downloaded program, the developer runs XTC-1750A Debugger (EYE50) on the host. The standard version of EYE50 communicates over a serial line with a kernel (BASE50) running on the target, such as Fairchild SBC. Versions of EYE50 that communicate with development-system monitors, like Honeywell PDU/SDU, are available on request.

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