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New! Cleanscape C++lint for your C/C++ Programs

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Cleanscape LintPlus 5

Advanced static source code analysis tool for C

Cleanscape LintPlus is a static source code analysis tool for ANSI C that reduces your organizational exposure to risks from latent software problems by automatically identifying problems at their source -- in the C source code prior to compiling or executing programs. From its first use, this venerable C source code analysis tool can save you hundreds of hours in code debugging, greatly reducing resources required for C testing efforts.

  • Stop problems at their source
  • Detect bugs that compilers can't catch
  • Document code
  • Generate call trees & cross-references
  • New! Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • New! Advanced GNU support
  • New! Enhanced embedded environments support -- including a Windows host. See the latest supported embedded environments >
  • New! Expanded reporting options
  • New! Cross-platform support: Unix, Linux, Windows
Cleanscape LintPlus Static Source Code Analyzer for C
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