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Detailed performance analysis tool for software test applications

Key functions

  • Identify performance bottlenecks visually
  • Improve the performance of your program
  • Identify which part of the program slows execution
  • Visualize the most frequently executed pieces in code
  • Develop repeatable performance measurements
xProf detailed performance analysis tool for software test applications
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xProf is a program performance enhancement tool that helps developers to improve their code performance.

While most profilers provide approximate clock times spent while executing code, xProf provides exact execution found for various software items ranging from high level functions and subroutines down to the lowest level expressions. Such execution count based profiles provide software developers with a precise, repeatable, comprehensible way of measuring and improving code performance.

xProf uses an advanced graphical user interface to point out only the relevant code that programmers need to analyze, and possibly reorganize and/or rewrite, to improve the code's overall performance.

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