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Static source code analysis tool for software test applications

Key Functions

  • Trace static program dependencies
  • Identify date sensitivities in your applications
  • Analyze difficult languages like C and C++
  • Identify redundant test cases

xFind is a static program dependency tracing tool that helps software test engineers identify date-sensitive objects through a simple transitive relation. The user initially specifies date-sensitive patterns that are common across the application. The user then accepts or rejects the seeds that match each pattern. Acceptance or rejection can be selected in either local or global scope. Once the user selects the initial seeds, he invokes the transitive relation, which identifies more candidates for date-sensitive objects. By selectively pruning objects that are not date-sensitive, the user can reach closure on the date-sensitive objects in the application. The user can then export output from Find to the remaining tools to specify interesting regions for testing.

Because the transitive relation is a simple heuristic, namely objects on the same line, xFind is language independent, and well adapted to pointer-based languages like C or C++. Other languages, like Perl or Tcl are also excellent candidates for analysis through xFind.

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