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Software Test effectiveness measurement tool

Key functions

  • Determine how much of your code is currently tested
  • Facilitates test creation
  • Determine what is missing
  • Identify redundant test cases
  • Determine whether product testers are finding bugs that have been found and fixed by developers
  • Improve the software testing process


xATAC is a test effectiveness measurement tool that greatly improves testing through targeted test creation and precise coverage measurement. This key utility helps programmers easily conduct thorough unit tests early in the software development process when problem eradication is less resource intensive.

xATAC Provides static and dynamic software metrics that software managers can use to control the development process.

xATAC Measures how well C and C++ programs have been exercised by a set of tests, identifying code within the program that is not well tested, and determining the overlap among individual test cases. Engineers and testers use xAtac to measure the adequacy of a test set and to identify areas of a program that require further testing. These measures indicate progress during the test phase of a project and can be used as acceptance criteria for subsequent stages of development and testing. System and regression testers use xAtac to identify a subset of a test set that achieves high coverage at limited cost.

xATAC provides visual feedback to users about the extent to which various parts of a program have been exercised and highlights areas whose coverage first will yield the most benefits. It not only helps testers to create high quality test sets but also guides them in creating small sets of high efficiency, high leverage test cases that yield high coverage quickly.

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