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Software development powerfully simplified


Coverage analysis

  • Static and dynamic software metrics
  • Facilitates production of high quality test sets
  • GUI coverage browser highlights executed code
  • Supports statement, decision coverage requirements
  • Supports bottom-up or top-down testing

Regression testing

  • Identifies representative subsets of tests that should be re-executed

Advanced software maintenance

  • Identifies code that is associated with features of the system

Dynamic debugging

  • Automates redundant debugging tasks

Performance analysis

  • Provides exact execution
  • Identifies only the relevant code

Dependency tracing

  • Identifies date-sensitive objects
  • Language independent

File difference display

  • Side-by-side color display
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Change statistics

Multi-Platform Support

  • Unix, Linux, Windows

White Box Utility

  • Allows Manipulation of hidden data and subprograms
  • Automatically generates test harnesses (Stub and Driver Programs)

Report Generator

  • Provides Consistent Report Format Project-Wide
  • Execution History Shows Control Flow Between Units

Execution Manager

  • Single or batch test case execution
  • Execution of modified test cases without re-compilation
  • Execute test harness under control of underlying compilers debugger
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