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Grayboxx provides an ideal balance between automatic test case generation and user control by allowing developers to integrate established processes and tools within the Grayboxx test methodology. By being flexible enough to allow developers to use their own debuggers and editors it reduces the learning curve of introducing a new control system into the testing process. In addition, the independent tester doesn't have to know the structure of the code to test it; the tester simply specifies inputs and outputs.

Generating test cases and conducting tests with Grayboxx is a simple process, as follows:

  1. Grayboxx scans the source code to be tested and automatically generates a list of input and initial values along with the expected results.
  2. The tester simply fills in the list of values and expected results.
  3. Grayboxx then executes the tests and prepares a results file that compares expected output to actual output.
  4. Grayboxx also provides a percentage of tests passed and a percentage of branches covered. The results include date and time tested with tester information.
  5. The tester can save the results for documentation purposes.

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