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Software development powerfully simplified

Key Features

  • Automatic test case generation
  • Automatic unit testing
  • Coverage analysis with complexity metrics
  • Automatic stub generation
  • Test harness generation
  • Automatic test execution
  • Module preparation
  • Results verification
  • Supports
    • Automatic graybox test methodology
    • Automatic blackbox testing
    • Automatic whitebox testing
    • Automatic regression testing
    • Automatic assertion testing
    • Automatic mutation testing
  • Validates software as it executes
  • Tests C, Fortran, Ada, Perl & Assembly language software using the same toolset (C, Ada, Perl, and assembly versions will be released throughout 2004
  • Reproducible tests
  • Document results and save test results
  • Conduct sufficiency checks
  • Verifies that module is coded to meet design
  • Supports requirements based test
    • Completeness checks
    • Validates that the module is implemented per its requirements

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