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Software development powerfully simplified



  • Automates the testing process
  • Easy operation reduces learning curve, increases productivity
  • Unit testing with no probe insertions allows programmers to run code at full speed
  • Identifies problems, easier, more quickly and more efficiently than manual processes
  • Shortens development cycle to get product to market


  • Increases product quality and reliability


  • Facilitates cross-platform development by providing common test environment for Unix, Linux, and Windows
  • Provides a method to perform complete module testing
  • Easily standardizes and automates established test processes
  • Aids software development, selection and test improvement
  • Automatically generates tests for multiple environments


  • Increases return on investment
  • Maximizes productivity


  • Measures testing effectiveness
  • Eliminates need to build test software
  • Seamlessly integrates automated testing with existing environment

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