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Grayboxx supports real-time and non-real-time testing and facilitates automatic generation of the test harness for the Module Under Test (MUT) and is ideal for us in the following applications:

  • Project teams can use the Grayboxx tools to help ensure the product operates as specified, enforce system requirements, validate software proof of correctness and perform system level simulation to support software testing.
  • Developers working with inherited or legacy code can use Grayboxx to establish range and error values, even in applications code for which the source isn't available.
  • Developers who to gain consistency across programs by tracking how each programmer or team did their unit testing and harness.
  • Embedded systems development
  • Development of critical systems with high testing constraints
  • Test control in large and complex software projects
  • Environments with strict software quality policies
  • Companies that develop reusable components
  • (C Modules, Ada Packages, C++ or Corba objects, etc.)
  • Advanced software component testing tool

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